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SubjectSite NameDescription
General Awesome Library for Kids Reviewed websites organized by subject. 
General Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids A collection of resources from government agencies that are designed for students. 
Math Cool Math Games and activities for fun and math practice. 
Science DiscoveryKids Web site filled with exciting science and math activities for children. 
Reading and Literature Educational Resources for at Home Learning from Bound to Stay Bound: Hear a book from an author, Fun activities and Virtual tours. Bound to Stay Bound 
General Facthound A research site that locates various websites for children. 
Reading and Literature Here’s the link to the Digital Arizona Library (DAZL) resources. Digital Arizona Library 
General Citation Generator 
Reading and Literature British Library 
Reading and Literature New York Public Library 
General Fun stuff for kids online 
Math Math Playground Math games and activities. 
Science NASA Kids Club NASA Kids Club 
General National Geographic for Kids Interactive information about nature and geography. 
Science National Weather Service. Weather 
General PBS Games and activities for children based on PBS TV shows. 
General Phoenix Public Library Home page for the Phoenix Public Library. 
Science Smithsonian Animal Cams The Smithsonian National Zoological Park provides cameras for viewing some of their animal exhibits. 
Reading and Literature Star Fall Reading activities to improve student reading skills. 
General Time Magazine for Kids Current events, social studies, science and great reading activities for students. 
Science United States Geological Survey -Site for Kids! Interactive games and printable activities about nature. 
Showing 21 items
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